At a glance

Kenya joined the SEforALL initiative and began developing a Rapid Assessment, followed by a large and inclusive process that led to the development of the Action Agenda and of the Investment Prospectus, finalised in late 2015, and supported by the SEforALL Africa Hub. In this process, Kenya set a 100% access target to be reached by 2022 for both electricity and clean cooking solutions, while further improving the share of renewable energy sources up to 80%. The energy efficiency goal is to achieve a 2.78% reduction of total energy intensity yearly.

On the institutional side, to follow the SEforALL implementation a Country Focal Point (CFP) was appointed within the Directorate of Renewable Energy in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP). Kenya set up an SEforALL Steering Committee to support the design of the AA and the IP. After technical and political validation this Committee shall remain in place and should meet regularly to provide support and advice to the SEforALL Secretariat. The Secretariat is the AA’s lead advocacy and managerial unit. 

(AA and IP in the download sections are the latest drafts published under permission and might be subject to further changes.)


Map of Kenya

Country contacts

Eng. Isaac N. Kiva

Secretary, Renewable Energy

Mr. Dan Kithinji

Director Renewable Energy

Eng. Faith Wandera

Deputy Director of Renewable Energy

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

SEforALL Action Agenda Objectives2030
Electricity Access, national100%
Access to non-solid fuels, national 100%
Renewable Energy Output80%
Renewable Energy Consumption80%
Energy Efficiency-2.785% per year
Country Action DocumentsStatus
Rapid AssessmentFinalized
Action AgendaFinalized
Investment ProspectusFinalized

Country statistics

Access to electricity (% of population)19.2%27.2%36%56%
Urban (% of urban population)58.2%67.1%68.4%77.6%
Rural (% of rural population)6.7%9.6%12.6%39.3%
Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking (% of population)8%9.9%11.8%13.4%
Population, total40.3 Million42.5 Million44.9 Million48.5 Million
Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption)76.3%78.5%75.5%-
Renewable electricity output (% of total electricity output)69.1%74.8%81.5%85%
Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)154.1156.8171.1175.9
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