The SEforALL Africa Hub secretariat, jointly with its partners, the SEforALL Global Facilitation Team and the SEforALL stakeholders, has been active in providing guidelines and recommendations on how to implement the Initiative at the country and regional level, coordinate the work of the many actors in the field and assure that the actions withstands to the highest quality standards. These actions included: 

  • The Africa Hub partners led the development of the Africa Guidelines for the SEforALL Action Plans, the Africa Policy Framework for Sustainable Charcoal and the Africa Strategy for Decentralized Energy Services, developed in consultative processes and regional workshops in Nairobi and Gaborone in 2012-13 and approved by the Council of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA) bureau in February 2014;
  • The Africa Hub organized December 2013 Tunis workshop which provided the basis for the development of the Country Action Reference Document (CARD) that outlines the series of steps to be achieved to implement the initiative in each country, including Rapid Assessment, Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus;
  • The Africa Hub developed the SEforALL Action Agenda template providing detailed guidance for its development and promoting coherence and consistency of the SEforALL implementation across the continent;
  • The Africa Hub developed the Quality Circle for the AA/IP, a process of voluntary quality review of the AA/IP to be finalised before the final political validation;
  • The Africa Hub developed the IP Concept note, an effort to offer guidance to the countries in developing coherent IPs that could be usefully presented to potential investors as "conversation starters" and can be accompanied by more detailed technical and economical analysis to the parties interested in investing;
  • The Africa Hub contributed to the Stakeholder consultation guidelines providing support for setting up the participatory processes that are necessary to implement the Action Agendas.
  • The Africa Hub supported the work of the SEforALL Energy Access Committee (EAC) and in particular coordinated its work-stream on Energy Access in the Country Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus Processes. The work-stream produced  a set of recommendations for the EAC that were endorsed in the final outcome document that highlighted the need to Promote national “energy councils” and SEforALL Country Action Agendas.
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