The SE4All Africa Hub supports networking, communication and knowledge management for the SE4All initiative in Africa, through its various activities in the field.  

The Hub supports country focal points in connecting with SE4All institutions, global stakeholders, investors and experts. It supports the involvements of SE4All High Impact Opportunities at the country level. It provides   networking opportunities through the organisations of national and regional workshops

The Hub collects and organises the information on the implementation of SE4All in African countries, and makes it available on this website that has the objective to showcase and advertise regional and country initiatives linked to SE4All in Africa. 

The Hub is keen to receive contributions in the form of news stories, press releases, events, initiatives related to the implementation of the SE4All initiative at the regional and at the country level. We encourage partners to contact us and share their stories. 

As usual, we will do our best to assure that all the information contained in the website is correct, any request for modification or cancellation shall be sent to our contacts.