The SEforALL Africa Hub provides Technical Assistance to African Countries to support their efforts to achieve the SEforALL objectives of energy access, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

 The support is delivered through the following instruments: 1) the African Climate Technology Center (ACTC), that supports mitigation actions in line with SEforALL and 2) the Green Mini Grid Market Development Program (GMG-MDP), that aim to foster the rural electrification off grid sector are both managed and delivered through the AfDB and 3) UNDP support for  Rapid Assessment / Gap Analysis and Country Action Processes.  

ACTC has been supporting the development of the SEforALL Country Action Agenda and Investment Prospectuses in six new countries in 2015: Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, besides Kenya (Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus validated in December 2015), Tanzania (Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus validated in October 2015) and Rwanda (Action Agenda technically validated, pending cabinet endorsement) already supported since 2014. 

ACTC has also been financing technical assistance for Monitor, Evaluation and Reporting and for energy efficiency in public buildings in in Ghana, and the design of a Market Study to analyze a potential size of market-based financing facility for EE and RE projects in the 4 SSA countries. 

GMG-MDP is a regional project whose activities started in 2015 with a grant from SEFA aiming at foster a marked-based approach to mini grid development, and supporting project developers with advisory services. 

 The UNDP  supported the development of the majority of the Rapid Assessment / Gap Analysis in Africa and closely collaborated in the processes of Action Agendas and Investment Prospectus, and supported stakeholder and civil society consultations.