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In Mali, the electricity consumption per capita is about 90 kWh, against an average of 116 kWh in the ECOWAS countries and 500 kWh on average for Africa*. The average consumption is also characterised by a strong disparity between rural and urban areas. 

The country is an ECOWAS member and, with the rest of the region, adopted a concerted approach to the implementation of the SEforALL Country Action, with the development of the Action Agenda alongside the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Action Plans, and their formal adoption. In this process, the country set a 87% access target to be reached by 2030 for electricity (110% in urban areas, 81% in rural areas) and 100% for clean cooking solution, while further improving the share of renewable energy sources in the electricity mix to 37%. Energy efficiency goal is to achieve a primary energy intensity of 0,43 ( ktoe / GDP) by 2030. 

The SEforALL implementation is followed by a focal point in the Ministry of Energy


Map of Mali

Country contacts

Mali SEforALL focal point

Adama Yoro SIDIBE

Chef de Division Maîtrise de l’Energie

Direction Nationale de l'Energie

Ministère de l’Energie et de l’Eau

SEforALL Action Agenda Objectives2030
Electricity Access, national87%
Access to non-solid fuels, national 100%
Renewable Energy Capacity58%
Renewable Energy Output on-grid37%.
Energy Efficiency 0.43 (Ktep/Gdp)
Country Action DocumentsStatus
Rapid AssessmentFinalized
Action AgendaFinalized
Investment Prospectusn.a

Country statistics

Access to electricity (% of population)22.3%25.6%31.8%35.1%
Urban (% of urban population)46.5%76%77.2%83.6%
Rural (% of rural population)8.7%11.9%2.6%1.8%
Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking (% of population)2.0%1%1%1%
Population, total15.2 Million16.1 Million17.1 Million18.0 Million
Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption)84.9%85.1%83.6%-
Renewable electricity output (% of total electricity output)53.8%57.5%42.9%-
Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)----
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