Policy elaboration and guidelines

The Africa Hub is at the forefront of the design of the SE4All country action processes, mainstreaming a coordinated approach, providing a template and guidelines for the SE4All Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus and for the consultative processes. The Hub supports countries in attaining the highest quality standards in country action documents and facilitates the linkages with international experts and SE4All High Impact Opportunities.

Workshops & Events

The Africa Hub facilitates networking between African countries and SE4All partners. The organization of and the participation in workshops and conferences is an important component of this engagement. 

Technical Assistance

The Hub provides technical assistance to African countries and energy stakeholders to achieve  SE4All objectives related to energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Hub members support several African countries with the development of Action Agendas and/or Investment Prospectuses, and the integration or contribution to the AA/IPs processes already in place. The Hub provides technical assistance for the nascent green mini grid sector, for energy efficiency actions and for promoting renewable energy sources. 

Networking and Knowledge Management

The SE4All Africa Hub supports networking, communication and knowledge management for the SE4All initiative in Africa, through its various activities in the field.  It supports country focal points in connecting with SE4All institutions, global stakeholders, investors and experts, collects and organises the information on the implementation of SE4All in African countries, and makes it available on this website