At a glance

Ethiopia opted in the SE4All initiative and produced a Rapid Assessment / Gap Analysis in 2012, further updated the following year, and a SE4All Action Plan in early 2014. The SE4All Action Plan, that predates the common Action Agenda format, proposes an implementable set of activities for Ethiopia to meet the the SE4All goals, as follows:

  1. Ensuring universal access 2 to electricity services 
  2. Ensuring universal access to cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions
  3. Improving energy efficiency and diversifying the contribution of renewable energy to Ethiopia’s energy matrix.
  4. Ethiopia’s overall ambitious objective is to meet these goals by 2025.

The SE4All focal point in Ethiopia is in the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy. 


Map of Ethiopia

Country contacts

Gossay Mengiste

Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy

News from Ethiopia

SE4All Action Agenda Objectives2030
Electricity Access, national100%
Access to non-solid fuels, national 100%
Renewable Energy Outputn.a.
Energy Efficiencyn.a.
Country Action DocumentsStatus
Rapid Assessmentn.a
Action AgendaFinalized (Action Plan)
Investment ProspectusUnder development

Country statistics

Access to electricity (% of population)12.7%21.9%24.1%27.2%
Urban (% of urban population)76.2%94.7%95.4%92.0%
Rural (% of rural population)0.4%6.6%8.2%12.2%
Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking (% of population)3.0%2.0%2.0%2.0%
Population, total66.4 Million87.6 Million92.2 Million97.0 Million
Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption)96.0%94.5%93.8%92.7%
Renewable electricity output (% of total electricity output)98.6%99.4%99.8%99.9%
Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)22.748.357.570.0