At a glance

Access to clean cooking solutions is still very limited also in urban areas. Biomass-to-energy is responsible for 90% of the total primary energy consumption in Tanzania and 90% of the biomass demand is for household consumption (firewood, charcoal, crop residues). Renewable Energies, mainly large hydro, represents 38% of the installed capacity in 2012. 

The Government of Tanzania has shown strong global leadership by becoming one of the first countries to opt-in on the SE4ALL Initiative, it prepared a RAGA and developed and adopted the Action Agenda and the Investment Prospectus through a consultative process with the stakeholders of the Energy Sector, namely Donors, CSOs, NGOs and the private sector. The Action Agenda set the ambition of achieving more than 75% access to both clean cooking and electricity, while achieving at least 50% of RE in the power sector. Energy efficiency is also set to improve at a 2.6% a year. 

The SE4All implementation is coordinated by a focal point in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. 


The United Republic of Tanzania: Ministry of Energy and Mineral - Rural Energy Agency (REA)

Invitation to Submit Application for Results Based Financing (RBF) Grants for Renewable Energy Investments in Green Mini and Micro Grids

Application Deadline is 11:00 EAT (8:00 GMT) on Friday, November 4th, 2016. 



Country contacts

Styden Rwebangila

Ministry Energy and Minerals. 

SE4All Action Agenda Objectives2030
Electricity Access, national>75%
Access to non-solid fuels, national 75%
Renewable Energy Capacityn.a.
Renewable Energy Output on-gridn.a.
Energy Efficiency -2.6% per year
Country Action DocumentsStatus
Rapid AssessmentFinalized
Action AgendaFinalized
Investment ProspectusFinalized

Country statistics

Access to electricity (% of population)9.9%14.8%15.3%15.5%
Urban (% of urban population)37.8%46.2%46.4%41.2%
Rural (% of rural population)1.8%3.7%3.6%4.0%
Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking (% of population)2.0%2.0%2.0%2.0%
Population, total34.0 Million45.6 Million48.6 Million51.8 Million
Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption)93.7%90.3%86.4%86.7%
Renewable electricity output (% of total electricity output)86.4%51.7%32.2%42.3%
Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)58.293.994.6100.0